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The use method and management requirements of indoor ultraviolet disinfection lamp

by:ALLTOP      2021-06-13

Nowadays, many schools and kindergartens have installed ultraviolet disinfection lamps as indoor disinfection tools. However, because of the application in these places, we need to pay more attention to the method of use when using ultraviolet disinfection lamps and strictly abide by the relevant management requirements.

How to use:

1. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp must be used indoors without people. The classroom is closed during the disinfection period, and non-disinfection personnel is not allowed to enter.

2. When using ultraviolet light for sterilization and disinfection, warning signs must be set outside the premises to remind others not to enter or stay.

3. The UV lamp must be on for 5-7 minutes after the lamp is on, and it can be moved after it has cooled down.

4. During disinfection, the disinfected object must be fully exposed to ultraviolet rays and reach a sufficient radiation dose.

5. When disinfecting rough surfaces such as paper and fabrics, the irradiation time should be extended appropriately, and both sides should be irradiated.

6. The disinfection effect is affected by environmental temperature, relative humidity, suspended particles in the air, and the disinfection object is affected by organic pollution. When disinfecting indoor air, the room must be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist; the temperature is lower than 20°C or higher than 40°C, and the relative humidity is greater than 60%. When it is affected by organic matter, the exposure time must be appropriately extended.

7. During the use of the UV lamp, keep the surface clean and dry. Wipe it with alcohol gauze or cotton ball once every 1-2 weeks. If there is dust or oil on the surface of the lamp, wipe it at any time.

8. When disinfecting the surface of the object, the distance between the lamp tube and the contaminated surface should not exceed 1m, and the irradiation time should not be less than 30min when the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the lamp tube meets the requirements. The high-intensity, the low-ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp can irradiate within an effective distance of 30min~60min. The effective disinfection area is 1.5m~2m around the lamp tube. When disinfecting indoor air, if indoor suspended ultraviolet disinfection is used, install the ultraviolet lamp with a reflector at a height of 2m~2.5m, and the number of installed lamps shall be calculated at not less than 1.5W/m3. If it meets the requirements, the irradiation time is not less than 30min.

9. After disinfection, turn off the ultraviolet light, open the doors and windows, and enter the room after sufficient ventilation.

10. Disinfectants should take personal protection to avoid damage caused by direct ultraviolet radiation.

11. Daily monitoring is required for ultraviolet disinfection. Daily monitoring includes the start time of lamp use, cumulative exposure time, and the user's signature. The radiation intensity of the new UV lamps should not be lower than 90μW/ cm2. The radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp must be measured regularly, and the ultraviolet lamp tube should be replaced in time when it has been used for 1,000 hours or when the intensity is lower than 70μW/cm2. Use a qualified ultraviolet illuminance meter to detect the irradiance intensity of the ultraviolet lamp, and the ultraviolet illuminance meter shall be calibrated at least once a year.

Management requirements:

1. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp must be managed, used, and registered by a special person. Establish a UV usage record account to record the start date of each UV lamp, the time of each disinfection, the cumulative disinfection time, the name of the disinfection personnel, etc.

2. Schools and kindergartens shall establish a standardized ultraviolet disinfection lamp operation system, management system, and emergency plan. Without the approval of the responsible comrades of schools and kindergartens, no one is allowed to use ultraviolet disinfection lamps. In the event of an emergency, the emergency plan is immediately activated.

3. If the relevant regulations are violated, the responsible persons of the school and kindergarten will be held accountable.

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