The upgrading of LED industry is imperative The spring of fully automated production line is coming

The upgrading of LED industry is imperative. The spring of fully automated production line is coming soon

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-07
Relying on the huge demographic dividend, China has become a large LED manufacturing base. However, as the demographic dividend continues to disappear, China must continue to maintain this scale manufacturing advantage, it is necessary to carry out industrial upgrading, from artificial manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and the production process is highly automated. Looking at the LED industry chain, it is not difficult to find that the upper and middle reaches of the chip and packaging automation is relatively high, while the downstream LED lamp assembly automation is relatively weak. As the price of LED lighting is becoming more and more popular, the scale efficiency is becoming more and more prominent, and its human capital is getting higher and higher, many small and medium-sized enterprises are overwhelmed. For a time, the full-automatic production line became the focus of attention of major manufacturers. In theory, automatic automation can significantly reduce labor costs and become a life-saving straw for scale. However, in fact, due to the large investment in equipment costs and the rapid changes in LED lighting technology, the lighting automation market has always been in an embarrassing situation of thunder and rain: equipment enterprises are actively laying out, but lighting manufacturers are full of worries. Automation or large-scale decompression, as a major manufacturer of LED lighting products, China has a cost advantage and a complete supply chain, occupying of the market share. Among them, large-scale production is the magic weapon for domestic LED lighting enterprises to win. Scale requires a large amount of labor. However, as the price of LED lighting decreases day by day, the high labor cost brings considerable burden to the net profit of the enterprise, and the whole market is depressed, resulting in a sharp decline in the profit of the enterprise and a sharp rise in survival pressure. On this basis, LED lighting enterprises such as mulinsen, ochis optoelectronics, and Yuanhui optoelectronics have invested in LED automatic production lines to fundamentally improve production efficiency and produce high-quality LED products in a few seconds, it has brought more benefits to the enterprise. The industry believes that the full-automatic production line can not only effectively reduce the cost of employment, ensure product quality, standardize industry quality, and multiply production capacity, but also enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and enhance the overall manufacturing level of the industry. Zhang Zhi, executive deputy general manager of Shenzhen lianshuo Automation Technology Co. , Ltd. , said that taking an LED downlight automation production line as an example, only three operators are needed. In the traditional assembly process of LED lamps, there are more than 20 processes such as assembling various kits, welding of power supply parts, and packaging of finished products, which require a total of 27 operators, labor costs have been saved by nearly 90, and the yield is as high as 98. Nowadays, under the increasingly fierce competition in the LED lighting market, it is inappropriate to continue to use the traditional manual production mode. The introduction of LED lamp automatic production line can effectively improve the production efficiency. Jiao Genxiang, deputy general manager of Zhongzhong Optoelectronics, said that the company's LED lamp automation 1. 5K production line (ZWL-A1500) It provides production capabilities such as centralized feeding, automatic assembly, automatic aging, automatic detection, automatic coding, automatic packaging, and information integration to achieve a production capacity of 1500 pieces per hour (Take LED bulb lamp as an example) At the same time, it can realize 100 online quality inspection and data traceability functions. In addition, automatic production equipment can replace Labor, which can not only reduce the influence of human factors, improve the one-time pass rate of products, ensure product quality and enhance product competitiveness, but also can speed up the processing speed, improve the height and reliability, achieve the effective utilization of warehouse area and space, and further reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise.
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