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The 'transformation' of LED lighting industry in 2015 must face three 'challenges'

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-06
At present, the production mode, sales mode, operation mode and service mode of LED lighting industry are gradually breaking the traditional shackles. In addition, new technologies, new modes and new concepts are emerging, the transformation of the entire industry is imminent. The transformation needs to move the whole body. In recent years, with the emergence of new product technologies such as LED light source, OLED technology and intelligent home, it is also the attack of business models such as e-commerce concept, online to offline, Internet concept and new channel model. These new things and new ideas all reflect an imminent trend transformation, this is also a topic that lighting manufacturers cannot bypass at present. For this reason, in recent years, there has been a lot of excitement in the lighting industry: either a full transformation of LED, or optimization of channels, or adding new technologies, or seeking new capital. Behind this excitement, it also exposes many phenomena in the lighting industry: vicious price war, bankruptcy, Capital merger and acquisition, industry reshuffle, etc. This year's Guangya Exhibition, on the transformation, Opal lighting's attitude and ideas triggered extensive exploration in the industry. Ding Long, CEO of Opal lighting China, and Huang Zhijian, general manager of commercial lighting, mentioned the topic of transformation many times in a media interview. Op said: at present, the transformation of the lighting industry mainly faces three major challenges: first, the so-called LED transformation does not mean a simple product transformation, but a corresponding transformation in the production system and management system; Second, the update of downstream information in the industry is slow, and the speed of accepting new thinking in the second and third tier markets is slow, thus making the operation transformation of local dealers relatively lagging behind; Third, dealers and customers will transform from a simple trading relationship to a full service relationship. Ding Long, CEO of Opal lighting in China, further said that the so-called transformation in the industry at present is only an upgrade of products on the surface and has not yet penetrated into the genes of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should realize the transformation, we must first realize transgenosis and require enterprises to move their whole bodies. The transformation has become a new normal. If in previous years, traditional lighting enterprises with professional Channel resources were thinking about whether to transform LED, then, in the face of the current LED development trend, the time given to enterprises to think no longer exists. In the traditional lighting era, the industry has developed to a quite mature stage, and traditional strong brands such as Foshan Lighting, sunshine, Opal, Rex and other brand enterprises have taken a step on the road of LED transformation. A person in the industry boldly predicted that the future of the lighting industry is not product technology, but extremely in place services and solutions. The technology and quality of products will be generally homogeneous one day in the future, and enterprises and distributors will not be able to win by simply selling products. Therefore, providing lighting solutions and services to customers will be the new competitive focus of the industry and the new way out for enterprises. Therefore, the transformation of lighting enterprises should start with systems and then products, and Opal lighting knows this very well. In the period of traditional lighting, Opal lighting is a golden signboard that has withstood the test of the market. It is understood that Opal lighting's sales in various channels have been steadily increasing in recent years, thanks to its efforts in LED transformation in recent years. According to Ding Long, CEO of Opal lighting China, making changes closer to consumers from products, services and other aspects is the direction and goal of Opal lighting's further efforts. For example, home lighting products conform to the needs of consumers and change to intelligence, stylization and diversification; For example, the establishment and improvement of more perfect service platform systems such as easy lamp exchange and community entry. The so-called transformation is by no means that enterprises simply realize full LED in products, but before LED transformation, enterprises must first do a good job in bone marrow regeneration and blood replacement, and first transform the entire system of the enterprise, then the product can follow. It is understood that the mistake of most lighting enterprises lies in the transformation of products first and then the adjustment of enterprise system structure. The latter transformation mode will inevitably lead enterprises into many passivity. Concept transformation, service transformation and platform transformation are the right path for the transformation of enterprises and businesses in the current industry, and are also the new normal for the transformation of the lighting industry, perhaps customized, one-to-one channel service forms have more advantages than traditional channel forms such as large circulation, retail and wholesale. In this view, to increase the viscosity with users and directly enter the user group, lighting enterprises should make more efforts in this direction in the future.
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