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The total value of LED lighting market will increase by 30 in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-07
LED Lighting LED is made up of III- Group IV compounds, such as gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, gallium arsenide and other semiconductors, use solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. Rare metal gallium is widely used in modern semiconductor industry. Gallium arsenide mainly appears as a compound, accounting for about 80% of the total application of gallium. Gallium arsenide is mainly used in 3G mobile phones, semiconductor wireless communication and LED lighting. According to foreign media reports, Taiwan's supply chain enterprises expect the total output of LED lighting market to increase by in 2015, and doubling shipments will offset the price drop of 30-The negative impact of 35. According to research organization LEDinside, the total output of LED lighting will reach 25. 7 billion US dollars in 2015, accounting for of the total output of the lighting market. 3. The industry expects Europe to account for of the LED lighting market next year, China for and the United States. Industry insiders said that compared with the overall growth of the LED lighting market, the LED backlight lighting market will decline, mainly because the new led TV needs fewer chips than the backlight LCD TV, at the same time, the price of backlight LED chips is also falling. Recently, an important trend in the LED industry is that the demand for indoor LED lighting equipment continues to grow and the LED chip/component business declines. Us led lighting leading company Kerui (CREE) According to the financial report released, the company's sales of LED lighting products increased 51 to 2. 5% year on year in the third quarter of this year. US $2. 3 billion, while chip/component sales fell 20 to 1. Over the same period. $73. 6 billion. According to the US chip supplier rupee Ken technology (RBCN) It is expected that the weakness of the LED backlight market will have a significant impact on the company's current quarterly results, and demand is expected to wait until next quarter.
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