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The total LED market in 2017 will continue to grow

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-13
In 2016, the LED lighting market is more mature than before. Most customers are no longer price-oriented when choosing products. On the contrary, high-quality products and services are more favored by customers, and the phenomenon of consumption upgrading is very obvious. Affected by changes in the market environment, many manufacturers are constantly adjusting their market strategies, and the phenomenon of low-price competition in the market has been significantly reduced. At the same time, the pattern of lighting industry market segments is also slowly changing. Many enterprises have begun to bid farewell to the large and extensive market direction and focus market development on their own advantages, therefore, professional new brands are constantly emerging. Unofficial brand rankings have appeared in many market segments. With the continuous expansion of the market segments, the lighting market is increasingly tending to a healthy development. Through the continuous efforts of lighting enterprises and industry media, the concept of LED green lighting has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The acceptance of LED by users in second-and third-tier cities in the mainland is close to the level of first-tier cities. Therefore, no matter in the fields of municipal administration, factories, commercial lighting and so on, they still have great market development potential. In 2017, I believe the total LED market will continue to grow. Consumption upgrading is already an irreversible trend. In 2017, although low-price competition will continue to exist, its influence will continue to decrease, products with high cost performance and professional and high-quality services will occupy a larger proportion in the competitive factors. Therefore, lighting enterprises with certain strength and professional service capability will seize more resources and opportunities.
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