The structure of LED lamps is unreasonable and exports are blocked Lighting factory lighting creates

The structure of LED lamps is unreasonable and exports are blocked. Lighting factory lighting creates reasonable LED lamps

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
The unreasonable structure of LED lamps is blocked from export, and the lighting factory lighting creates reasonable LED lamps. Recently, Wuxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found in an export inspection of lamps and lanterns in its jurisdiction that a self-ballasted LED lamp produced by an export company for general lighting, Due to the unreasonable structure, it was judged as unqualified and unable to export smoothly. Therefore, facing the fiercely competitive international market, lighting export companies must first pay attention to the research and study of relevant standards. When designing products, they should pay attention to whether the product structure meets the standard requirements and maintain the international reputation of our country’s product quality. For the certification of good products and companies, companies that do not have testing capabilities and new products designed and produced should be sent to a testing organization with relevant certification qualifications for testing and certification in a timely manner to ensure that the products are safe and reliable, so as to avoid greater losses. The 'International Standard for Luminaires IEC-' stipulates: 'Lamps should be made such that after they are installed and wired according to normal use, and when the lamps must be turned on to replace the light source or replaceable starters, even if they are not operated with bare hands, their live parts are inaccessible '. In the process of routine inspection of exported products, inspection and quarantine personnel have repeatedly found that one end of LED lamps produced by many manufacturers is inserted into the lamp holder, and the other free end is an easily accessible live part. Under the leadership of technical director Zhu Gong, the lighting factory lighting has developed a variety of new types of LED explosion-proof lamps and applied for the national brick profit, laying a further foundation for the export of LED explosion-proof lamps.
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