The security of led solar street light and the new function

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
The security of led solar street light is particularly high, the traditional lighting, power, I need to provide energy. But these lines, power is particularly big, if met, would cause a harm to human body. For maintenance, or passers-by, is a very big hidden trouble. But this kind of lighting, led solar street light, there is no so many complicated equipment. And solar led street lamp power is very low, about 18 to 24 v low voltage, even when they are in contact with the human body, also won't produce harm. At the same time it does not produce noise, no radiation, is a very environmentally friendly energy sources. And in the era of science and technology, solar street light also has new features. People now lights have become a & other; Street light network & throughout; And then complete the energy conservation and emissions reduction, data analysis and urban management services, and other functions. Led solar street lamps in the fierce competition, the construction of hundreds of cities of era, the integration of city has become a cake every action, no doubt all lighting company focused on Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technology integration to a new outbreak of action; In order to guide the future urban form, the integration of urban builders are trying to create an open, scalable and efficient intelligent interconnection network.
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