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The scale of LED industry is growing rapidly

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-23
Governments of various countries have actively formulated environmental protection laws and regulations prohibiting the use of incandescent lamps. Traditional lighting giants have introduced new LED light sources to accelerate the formation of new business models. As the electricity consumption of lighting is of the total electricity consumption in the whole year, up to of the electricity is converted into heat energy consumption, which is very uneconomical. Considering environmental protection and energy conservation, LED lighting has rapidly become a popular technology and industry. At the same time, governments of various countries have actively formulated environmental protection laws and regulations. Under the stimulation of the dual interests of the market and laws and regulations, the scale of LED industry is growing rapidly. The advantages of LED lighting are self-evident. LED lamp has high luminous efficiency and long service life. Its luminous efficiency can reach of that of fluorescent lamp. 5 Times, 13 times that of incandescent lamp. The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps is very low, only 5 of the electric energy is converted into light energy, and 95 of the electric energy is turned into heat waste. Fluorescent lamps are better than incandescent lamps, there are 20 ~ 25 electric energy is converted into light energy, but there are also 75 ~ 80 of the electricity is wasted. Therefore, from the perspective of energy utilization efficiency, the utilization efficiency of these two light sources is very low. Therefore, the benefits of LED lighting are obvious. Australia introduced a ban on incandescent lamps in the world in 2007, and the European Union also passed a regulation on the elimination of incandescent lamps in March 2009. Therefore, Osram and Philips, the two major traditional lighting companies in the world, have accelerated their layout in the LED lighting field in recent years. Their entry has promoted the rapid development of the LED lighting market and accelerated the pace of LED technology progress. With the rapid development of LED industry in the field of lighting, traditional lighting giants hope to make lighting products more innovative by introducing new light source designs. Therefore, LED lighting and traditional lighting are gradually merged into one, accelerating the formation of a new lighting business model, which is very conducive to the rapid promotion and use of LED lighting.
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