The scale of China's LED lighting industry will increase by 58 in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-11
2013, china led industry total output value up to 263. 8 billion yuan with than Growth 28. Among them, the output value of LED upstream epitaxial chip, Midstream package and downstream application were 8. 4 billion yuan, 47. 3 billion yuan and 208. 1 billion yuan respectively, up 17, 19 and 31 respectively. Data show that the LED industry has encountered an inflection point in 2013. At the same time, the first quarter has become a good start for the LED industry in 2014. The organization expects that the output value of China's LED lighting industry will increase by 180 billion to yuan in 2014. At the same time, public information shows that Taiwan's LED industry chain has a high prosperity in the first quarter of this year, showing a phenomenon that the traditional industry is not weak in the off-season.
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