The safety of the solar street lamps and lanterns and light pole

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Some solar street lamps installed in places where high wind speed, air volume big, every year there are light pole down when accident happened, lamps and lanterns for the wind damage is often happened, the phenomenon of aeolian dust is the important cause leading to the brightness of lamps and lanterns serious attenuation. In general, solar street light for the production of lamps and lanterns and light pole should pay attention to their safety. As an important part of led solar street lamps, lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and the quality of open mode is very important, the material must be aluminum casting alloy, thickness to meet the requirements, and the parts, joint should have good contact card buckle is the top priority, the lamps and lanterns of previous because of card buckle design is not reasonable, lead to damage of every time after the wind has a large number of lamps and lanterns. Solar road lights light pole height must be in accordance with the road width, select and use between flange and light pole to weld reinforcement, to ensure the strength of the bottom of the light pole. In the past because of the light pole galvanized unqualified and without welding stiffener, lead to the bottom of the light pole corrosion is serious, blow off the phenomenon of light pole. Light pole, therefore, wall thickness, the thickness of the galvanized and whether to add weld reinforcement is an important symbol of light pole qualified or not, otherwise can't use. Therefore, we should be considered in choosing a solar street lamps should not only has its beautiful and use function, more important is to pay attention to the wind of lamps and lanterns and light pole and dustproof function, only in this way can guarantee the lamp in the safe use of urban infrastructure, bring convenience to the production of people's travel and life. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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