The role of project-light lamp use and choose

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Project-light lamp is to aim at any direction, and has not affected by the climate conditions of the structure. Mainly used for large-scale operations in mining, building outline, stadium, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Therefore, almost all the outdoor use of large area lighting lamps and lanterns can be seen as light. Throw out the light from the Angle of beam width narrow, range from 0 & deg; ~ 180度; Narrow beam, between the special called a searchlight. In general, square lighting cast light light line distribution Angle is larger; Lamps and lanterns of circular Angle is smaller; Wide Angle type lamps and lanterns effect is uniform, but not suitable for long distance projection; Narrow Angle type lamps and lanterns is fit to be a long distance projection, but close range when using poor uniformity. We can use in the selected light source, lamps and lanterns, installation position and other conditions of illumination calculation to determine the number of lamps and lanterns, as far as possible in order to the effect after the installation is complete to close to the desired. The appearance of the building at night using the project-light lamp light projection to performance, the income effect and the day will be a difference. On the LED project-light lamp design, therefore, the effect is not necessarily the same effect as in the daytime, but the important thing is to show the characteristics of the building. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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