The retail price of LED bulbs in 2020 will drop by 66 from 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-25
One of the main policies of US President Obama is to promote green energy policy and develop zero-energy buildings ( ZeroEnergyBuilding) U. S. investment in clean energy reached 80 billion U. S. dollars, with the target of reducing oil imports by by 2020 and 80 electricity supply from clean energy by 2035. Of course, the promotion of LED lighting will also help the United States to improve its energy self-sufficiency rate. The U. S. Department of Energy is the main organization leading the development of solid-state lighting. The plan focuses on technology research and development, product manufacturing, commercialization, etc. It also puts forward LED industry development indicators every year. In its published version in 2012, the first main tasks of LED solid-state lighting are to reduce costs, improve luminous efficiency, reduce retail prices of terminals, etc. Generally speaking, by 2020, the cost of LED epitaxial chips and packaging will be reduced by about 2012 and the luminous efficiency will be increased by 60 ~ The retail price of 100 and 60W grade LED bulbs will be 66 lower than that of 2013. [align = center][img] /uploadpic/news/201212180818282. jpg. jpg [/img][/align]
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