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The replacement process of LED's three major markets is gradually accelerating

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-03
With the increasing environmental pollution, LED, as a new generation of lighting technology, has become the focus of attention in today's society. With the improvement of LED luminous efficiency and service life, and the advantages of energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection, the LED replacement tide curtain is opened. LED European and American markets, starting from 2014, European and American countries began to phase out 40- 60W incandescent bulb provides a favorable opportunity for the popularization of LED lighting products. This will also stimulate LED lighting manufacturers to speed up the pace of layout of LED lighting and further promote the penetration rate of LED lighting. U. S. government's support for LED lighting is gradually increasing, and the number of subsidies for energy stars and other lamps is increasing rapidly, prompting the price of LED lamps to be further reduced. CREE and other manufacturers are optimistic about the development of LED lighting market in 2014, and expect the sales growth of replacement lamps to become the focus of business growth. In Europe, where the market is relatively mature, although there is no large-scale subsidy policy, its high electricity price and the difference of light culture make the application of commercial lighting and outdoor building situational lighting continuously in demand. In the next few years, with the influence of the total ban on incandescent bulbs, the market is expected to continue to show a steady growth trend. LED Japan market, as an industrial power in the LED field, Japan has also played a very important role in promoting the development of the world's LED industry. As early as 14 years ago, Japan began to implement the 21st century light plan to promote the development and industrialization of semiconductor lighting technology. It is one of the countries in the world that started the policy of supporting LED industry early. In recent years, with the strong support of the Japanese government, the LED lighting industry has grown rapidly. At the same time, Japan's domestic awareness of energy conservation is high, especially after the East Japan earthquake more than two years ago, the government even proposed a low carbon society (Energy saving and carbon reduction)The goal. Among them, LED lighting products are popularized at a fast speed and become representatives of energy-saving products. In addition, various plans and drafts have been successively issued in emerging LED markets such as Brazil, India, Vietnam, Russia and other countries and regions to support the development of LED lighting industry. The demand for LED lighting products in these regions is obviously on the rise, and the LED lighting market is showing rapid growth, especially in the LED public lighting and commercial lighting markets. A large number of LED lighting market demand will be released. Strong support policies will directly drive the rapid growth of LED lighting market.
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