The reason for rural led solar street light quality

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
There are many in the villages & other; Light & coverage throughout; Engineering, rural led solar road lights didn't how long time is not bright, did not play to it should play the role of, as to why the quality is unqualified, because there are many, reason is that there are some bad factories directly using poor quality material to produce, lead to can not meet the program specification. Some middlemen in order to obtain high in the middle of the price difference, and then to the solar street lamps factory far lower prices, as the saying goes, a price points a points goods, most of the factory is not own brand, what business is still want to do it, but sometimes the solar street light price is too low, lead to can't living, only to cut corners, it is because of such a vicious competition to the way the light is damaged after a period of time. Rural led solar street light it wasn't long before it broke, someone repair is good ah, but villages have no professional repair personnel, won't fix, so street lamp broken, did not get timely repair, broken is not bright, it is not bright, is the same with no street light. So purchasing rural led solar street lamps, or looking for professional manufacturers to buy directly, so the professional manufacturers of products' quality guard a pass strictly, this area can ensure every went out of the factory's products are qualified. Can too late after sales, repair demand probability is greatly decreased, disguised also saves us time and labor costs.
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