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The rapid development of LED industry will not change the industry into a 'miserable industry'

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
The LED industry is like a gorgeous LED lighting show, with attractive attraction, but the huge competitive situation also makes the industry suffer, how to break free from the fierce price war vortex, in the Red Sea market, it takes time to fight for a bloody road. LED lighting demand has entered a high growth development. It is estimated that LED lighting shipments are expected to continue to double in 2014 after doubling in 2015. However, due to fierce market price competition, LED manufacturers believe that, if the output value of LED lighting is estimated, the growth rate in 2015 will reach about, in other words, the price of products will drop by about. Observing the development of LED in recent years and the rapid changes in industry, it is often difficult for the industry itself to master. I vaguely remember several times when the industry only shouted out a beautiful vision such as a 10-year industry without dark clouds and a 3-year golden period, before long, dark clouds, cold winter, dark period and even miserable industries will follow one after another, and orders will often come and go. In the face of unpredictable market conditions, Samsung, a Korean factory, has gradually faded out, while mainland China has strong financial support and continues to expand production. Taiwan is like a squeezed Sandwich. There are patent lids from Japanese factories and European and American factories. There are low-priced orders from the mainland. How can Taiwan factories break through, merge, ally, and transform, there are different tricks, but it will still take some time to work hard and refine. Asian LED factory has more resources in Japan, Japan and Asia (Nichia), Toyota synthesis (TG) With patents and technical energy, it has a high share in Japan, Europe and the high-end application market. However, Japanese factories also have topics. For example, Japanese grain is rarely used in the Chinese market, which does not pay attention to patents, unless the customer specifically specifies it. In addition, the advantages of Japanese factories in high-end markets have also begun to change. The LED backlight grain used by Apple's iPhone used to be the largest in Japan and Asia. This year, the iPhone6 came out with three manufacturers to cut in, of which Taiwan's crystal power was once named. Industry sources said that this is in line with Apple's decentralized supplier strategy, and also reflects the challenges faced by the Japanese factory. The change in form has also created a space for Taiwan-Japan cooperation. According to the estimation of research organization LEDinside, the lighting market will reach 82. 1 billion US dollars in 2015, of which the LED lighting market will reach 25. 7 billion US dollars with a market penetration rate of 31, of which, europe is still a large-scale region with 23 markets, followed by mainland China with about of the market, while the United States with of the market, respectively, is the top three LED lighting regional markets. Although no large-scale subsidy policy has been seen in Europe, its high electricity price and differences in light culture have increased the demand for LED in commercial lighting and outdoor building lighting markets. As a major place for lighting products manufacturing in mainland China, with its cost advantage and complete supply chain, the market competition is more intense than that in other markets, regardless of brand manufacturers, contract manufacturers, or emerging lighting manufacturers and packaging manufacturers, in addition to greatly increasing the penetration ratio of LED lighting, the development of sales channels is also a major development project in the future. The fierce price war in recent years has caused LED manufacturers to expand their production capacity and output rapidly, but the output value has not seen a significant increase, and even can only maintain stability. The profit performance is fluctuating with the industrial supply and demand situation, in order not to be thrown out of the market by the whirlpool, the industry can only expand its market share with the price cut.
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