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The prosperity of LED industry promotes market standard order to be standardized

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-30
At present, the lighting industry is in a stage of product change. Incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lighting are all in a coexisting stage, and no one can completely replace anyone. At the same time, various changes emerge one after another at this stage, and the development of LED lighting is highly concerned and respected by the industry. Especially this year, under the influence of internal and external factors, the LED lighting application market is facing a new round of explosive growth period. At the same time, under the background of the continuous improvement of the LED industry and the further expansion of the market scale, the influx of capital and the continuous increase of enterprises have caused uneven product quality and intensified disorderly competition among enterprises, issues such as market standard order to be standardized are also becoming more and more obvious. Judging from this situation, there are many factors that affect the development of LED lighting industry. Therefore, we cannot be blinded by the temporary interests of LED lighting. We must see clearly the new trend of the development of LED lighting industry. Industry organizations pointed out that the current explosive growth of the downstream lighting market has driven the release of production capacity in the middle and upper reaches, and the overall prosperity index of the industry has risen. The overall performance of LED enterprises is remarkable. However, as the market competition intensifies, enterprises with cost competitive advantages take the initiative to launch a price war to seize the market, and the continuous decline in product prices in all links of the industrial chain has weakened the overall gross profit margin of the industry. Based on the expectation of the outbreak of LED lighting market, there were many mergers and acquisitions and integration events from July to this year, and lianheng still promoted the change of competition pattern. Due to the continuous scale expansion and the seizing of downstream channel resources, the financing cost of LED enterprises continues to rise. However, in recent years, the macro-level capital price has risen, coupled with the rise of labor costs, which has LED to the rise of financial expenses of many enterprises, it has become one of the important reasons for the decline of LED enterprises' profits. In addition, with the improvement of consumers' awareness of LED lighting, the requirements for lamps are not limited to lighting, but new requirements are put forward for the quality, design and innovative application of lamps. In addition to the engineering, commercial and outdoor lighting markets, the innovative application of semiconductor lighting has touched the fields of smart city, industrial and agricultural lighting, medical lighting, food lighting, cultural and entertainment lighting, wearable equipment, etc. With the diversification of the application market, more innovative applications will emerge in the market, and we will see more new breakthrough applications in the future.
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