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The popularity of lighting products in 2017 will drive the LED industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-05
The LED industry's price-cutting competition has gradually leveled off. When Ye Yufu, chairman of the LED packaging giant Yiguang, was interviewed, he said that the price increase of LED chips in China's San'an Optoelectronics said that the price increase represents the recovery of the market, if you continue to kill the price, you will not be able to compete. He looked positively at the development of the economy in 2017 and said that Yiguang has locked in the development of the internet of things, vehicles and small-pitch LED products this year. Ye Yufu pointed out that the LED industry will be better in 2017 than in 2016, because the popularity of lighting products has driven demand and related applications will continue to increase. In particular, with the advent of the internet of things era, sensors are important key components, and Yiguang also has a deep foundation in infrared and sensor products, which will have a good development in the improvement of market demand. The automotive market includes LED light sources, automatic driving, automatic identification technology and other applications, which will drive the demand for LED and infrared sensing products. In addition, Ye Yufu is also optimistic about the high growth space in the small-pitch market. I believe that 2017 will have a lot of gains. Due to the decline in the prices of LED lighting and backlight products in 2016, the proportion of the total revenue of 100 million lights decreased relatively; Non-lighting and non-backlight products accounted for 55 of the revenue, of which small and medium pitch and flash products accounted for about 17, and the proportion of vehicles is still in single digits and will continue to grow. Referring to the issue of patent litigation between Japan and Asia, Ye Yufu admits that he has encountered obstacles in German litigation, but there is still an opportunity to appeal, so he believes that the problem can be resolved. He stressed that Yiguang products have patents and no infringement. They have also won in Japan, the United States and Taiwan, and they are also manufacturers that win the Japanese Asian litigation. As for whether the LCD TV manufacturers Vizio and TCL Group, which are accused of infringement by riyahua, have adopted the Yiguang LED backlight module, Ye Yufu only responded that Yiguang is not a supplier, it must also be determined by the model of the Japanese Yahua, but Yiguang will not be affected, and will continue to confront the Japanese Yahua. In the short term, the litigation dispute will be difficult to end.
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