The phenomenon of led solar street lamps have high low price

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
On the market of led solar street light configuration is different, the price of led solar street lights will have high low, even if each manufacturer of led solar street light price, the same led solar street light price difference is very big, is also associated with different levels of quality. The influencing factors of solar street light price is mainly light pole technique and the size of the solar system configuration. And the size of the solar system configuration is according to the customer request the lights on time every day and continuous rainy days. Same solar street lamps, and its configuration may have a combination, thus causing prices to differentiation. In addition, the light pole is divided into cold and hot dip plating, hot galvanizing technology price is higher than that of cold plating on many. And also because the system of led solar street light prices different voltage varies. 3. 2 v system voltage led solar street light on price is much cheaper than 12 vled solar street light price nearly 1 and a half. 3. 2 v faults more solar street lamps, the service life of it less than 1 and a half on the 12 v solar street light. If the customer requires long lighting time points, then it's light is not very ideal.
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