The phenomenon of death lamp solar street lamps can how to prevent?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Currently use solar street lamps light source are basically using led light source, we often can discover, however, is the use of solar street lamps will happen in the led lamp is not bright, also this is the death of the led lamps and lanterns light phenomenon. The cause of death lamp, generally there are two, one is led leakage through the p-n junction caused by the failure cause of local dead lamp, the lamp work is not affected; Second, led lights inside connection wire broken, causing the led no current through the lamp and death, causing the whole lamp doesn't work. For such death light phenomenon, how can we prevent? A, prevention of static electricity. Static electricity is a danger for led solar street light the devil. Any link problems, will cause the damage to the led, disable performance deteriorated even solar led street light. Must be designed, therefore, scientific and standardized grounding design, general requirement for grounding resistance of 4 ohms, some demanding occasions the grounding resistance even to achieve & le; 2 ohm. Second, make use of automatic welding equipment, if you use the manual welding must be strictly controlled welding temperature, this is because the use manual welding, if use normal soldering iron, solder iron temperature - in 300 Welding temperature above 400 ℃, too high can cause death lamp, solar street lamps led lead expansion coefficient at high temperature is higher than about 150 ℃ the expansion coefficient of the several times, internal gold solder will because of excessive heat bilges cold shrink the welding points, die modulation phenomenon. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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