The performance of the solar street light in the solar system components about dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Have been provided for the use of solar energy street light is our life free of light, this product is energy saving and environmental protection, is a very promising lighting equipment, it can have such a good lighting effects, the main is to rely on solar system components support, so for the use of solar energy system components, we still need to know enough of their performance. In solar road lights, solar energy battery is one of the most important component, is also so many solar system components in the shortest life spans, solar battery life is in commonly 3 - Five years, for its installation is usually buried in the ground, can strengthen the protection of it, of course also have some consumers need to install on the light pole, this is asked to choose a good battery box, prevent rainwater infiltration damage the battery. When the solar panels and solar LED street lamp installation to avoid the shadow area, especially the tree, the tree will not only affect the solar panels to collect sunlight, branches and leaves fell on the solar panels not only affects the conversion rate of solar panels will cause damage to the solar panels, which may lead to the normal use of the solar street light.
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