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The output value of Jiangsu LED lighting will reach 45 billion yuan in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-24
In order to guide and promote Jiangsu semiconductor lighting (LED) Industrial development, expand the consumption demand of energy-saving products, the Jiangsu provincial economic and information committee, the National Development and Reform Commission, the science and technology department, the finance department, the housing and urban construction department, and the quality supervision bureau recently issued the 'Opinions on Accelerating the development of the semiconductor lighting industry. ' The 'opinion' emphasizes: take the lead in popularizing LED lighting with mature technology and obvious energy-saving effect in public places lighting projects invested and built by public institutions, finance or state-owned capital, all new lighting projects adopt LED lighting products, and the original non-LED lighting products should be completed in stages and batches before the end of 2016; While implementing the central financial support policy, the competent departments of energy conservation at all levels will support a batch of LED lighting application demonstration projects each year to promote the promotion and application of LED key enterprise products; Implement the government procurement policy of energy-saving products, and government agencies and public institutions take the lead in adopting LED lighting products; In the fixed asset investment projects invested and constructed by finance or state-owned capital, LED lighting is taken as an important part of energy-saving evaluation and review of the project. The 'opinions' propose that by 2015, the market share of LED functional lighting products in the province will reach more than 20, the output value of LED lighting industry will reach 45 billion yuan, and the luminous efficiency of industrialized white LED devices will reach the international advanced level in the same period (150-200lm/W) , LED light source/lamp luminous efficiency reaches 130lm/W; By 2020, the market share of LED lighting products in the whole province will further increase, the output value of LED lighting industry will reach 112 billion yuan, and the luminous efficiency of core devices and the quality of applied products will maintain the international advanced level. It is reported that the total output value of LED lighting in Jiangsu province in 2013 is about 28 billion yuan, accounting for about of the country's total, and the production capacity of upstream epitaxial wafers and chips accounts for more than of the country's total. However, there are still some problems that need to be solved urgently: first, the lack of core technology patents and the research and development of key technologies need to be strengthened. Second, LED epitaxial materials and chips are mainly produced in medium and low grades. The technical level and product quality of downstream enterprises are uneven, and the overall level of the industry needs to be further improved. Third, the scale of enterprises is small, the industrial concentration is low, and the phenomenon of blind investment and low-level construction still exists. To this end, the 'opinions' focus on the promotion and application, improve the level of industrial development, build a favorable policy and market environment and other aspects of specific policy measures.
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