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The output value of automotive LED lighting will reach 2. 5 billion US dollars in 2018

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-31
LED lighting has entered the battlefield of killing. Manufacturers have begun to seek a new blue sea. The gross profit margin of LED vehicle lighting is relatively better than other traditional applications, attracting many Taiwanese LED manufacturers to begin to lay out the field of vehicle LED lighting. LV Lizhen, research manager of LEDinside, the green energy business division of TrendForce, said that although the car LED certification time is long and the threshold for entering the supply chain is high, the overall market developed in 2014-The compound growth rate in 2018 will reach 9. Among them, the exterior lighting daytime running lights (DRL)With far and near Lights (H/LBeam) The annual compound growth rate of the output value of is as high as 21 and 48, which are the two major application products worthy of attention in the future. The application of LED in the whole lamp is growing steadily. At present, the demand for lamp design is gradually moving towards the aesthetic demand of small volume and changeable shape. The light source is gradually shifting from traditional bulb to LED. Lu Lizhen said that the automotive LED Market (Front and rear market sum) The output value reached 2. 5 billion US dollars in 2018, 2014- The compound growth rate in 2018 is about 9, of which the output value of automotive LED in the front-end market will reach 19. US $0. 2 billion, and the output value of automotive LED in the rear-mounted market will reach 6. $0. 2 billion. The growth of near-far lights in automotive LED lighting is amazing. LED has a stable development in the outside lighting market. Among them, the growth of daytime running lights and near-far lights is good. The main reason is the technical improvement of high-power LED, with the decline in LED prices, LED lighting outside the car has gradually shifted from car models to mid-range car models. LEDinside estimates that the market output value of LED applications in near and far lamps and fog lamps will reach in 2018. $1. 3 billion, 2014-The compound growth rate in 2018 was as high as 48. The amount of LED used for vehicle panels has gradually entered the growing period. The demand for vehicle panels such as GPS and instrument panels has increased rapidly. LEDinside estimates that the output value of LED used for vehicle panels will also increase from in 2014. 7. 1 billion US dollars grow to 2018 1. $0. 3 billion. LV Lishun said that the proportion of new cars equipped with car panels in standard equipment in 2014 has already reached 9, and IT is estimated that IT will reach 14 in 2018. With the growth of traditional IT backlight gradually declining, backlight application of vehicle panels has become a battleground for LED factories.
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