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The maturity of LED industry chain provides opportunities for Chinese enterprises

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-21
An obvious feeling of LED industry chain research is that some old enterprises in the industry in the past were difficult to be competitive under the current circumstances because of their old and uneconomical machines, and product sales barely maintained cash flow and interest. The number of MOCVD book machines does not reflect the real supply (Many machines can't open up). If the original manufacturers do not have the funds and determination to invest in the renewal of the machine, it is easy to fall behind in the industry wave, and the strong and strong pattern will become more and more obvious. Chip supply and demand will still be tight in the future. Judging from the price, the chip price is still stable. The effect of light and peak season for lighting is very obvious. The manufacturer Q3 with good inventory removal has a high operating rate. The effect of light and peak season for lighting industry is very obvious. Usually Q1 and Q2 distribute goods to channels, and then look at the channel removal situation for correction. Therefore, Q3 is relatively weak, and many manufacturers are watching and then adjusting. Some traditional manufacturers have a little pressure on their categories, and they must do many categories to meet the needs of dealers. Some manufacturers that do standard general lighting, Q1 and Q2, have a good inventory. As a whole, LED lighting has developed rapidly, it is expected that the Q3 off-season operating rate will remain high. The growth of LED lighting is an opportunity for the mainland industrial chain. The integration capability of the system is even more important. In 2014, LED lighting will surpass large and medium-sized backlights and become an important driving force in LED demand, the output value of LED lighting will grow from US $20 billion in 2014 to US $49 billion in 2018. Compared with the backlight industry chain, LED lighting is an opportunity for Chinese manufacturers, because China's lighting accounts for 60 p, and the industry chain is in China. As LED enters the period of parity and scale, LED industry will be more influenced and driven by the laws of semiconductor industry, which is reflected in the more detailed division of labor in the industrial chain and the more concentrated industrial scale.
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