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The market penetration rate of LED lighting will reach nearly 75 in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-06
The LED lighting technology market expanded rapidly in 2011, up 2. From 2010. 5 times. According to statistics, after the 311 earthquake in Japan, the sales volume of LED lamps increased by 2 ~ 3 times, the specific gravity exceeds the incandescent bulb for the first time. Japan began to require lighting manufacturers to stop manufacturing and selling incandescent bulbs in 2012, when the demand for LED lamps is expected to increase, so 2012 will be a high growth period for LED lighting, with an annual growth rate of over 70. Due to the early outbreak of LED lighting demand in 2012, the market growth will slow down after 2012. Experts estimate that the market penetration rate of LED lighting will reach nearly 75. 5% in 2015. As a substitute for traditional lighting, LED green lighting is mainly semiconductor lighting, which is low-carbon, environment-friendly, energy-saving and energy-saving. As long as the publicity is in place and the sales nodes are fully promoted, the construction units will adopt it in large quantities, owners are also willing to accept, the market prospect is very broad. It is under this background that related enterprises involved in lighting decoration are facing the transformation from traditional marketing mode to new cross-border marketing mode. Comments from Crance research and development center: With the expansion of the application scope of LED technology in the lighting field, and in recent years, people's pursuit of leisure, low carbon, environmental protection and comfort in the home environment has been continuously improved, the ceiling lighting module gradually turns to the decorative effect function. Krance light guide energy-saving plate, using double-layer liquid crystal light guide plate, the mask does not change color, does not yellow, no black shadow, no glare, uniform brightness. Using the backlight technology with lingtenergybord as the core in Germany, the nano-scale honeycomb refraction technology will increase the linear tricolor by 500 times, the lighting effect will exceed that of the traditional integrated lamp by 50, and the actual thickness of the light guide energy-saving plate will be only 4mm, compared with the heavy light box of the traditional integrated lamp, it can effectively reduce the gravity of the upper layer of the ceiling, effectively prevent the aging and deformation of the overall ceiling within 30 years, and adopt the light guide energy-saving design itself, effectively saving electricity by more than 70. The cold temperature service life can reach 60 thousand hours.
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