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The market of LED products is favored, and the prospect of lighting industry is promising

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
In 15th session, China International Industrial Fair exhibition field Shanghai Radio Equipment Research Institute will International First article LED bulb lamp automation assembly production line moved to the field, for the audience to fully present the automatic production process of LED bulb lamp with low power consumption, high efficiency and high quality, which has reached the international level. It took 6 seconds, and the production line assembled 7 parts such as power board, radiator and lampshade. After 18 steps, an LED bulb lamp that can be used for 30 thousand hours can be produced. According to reports, this production line was supported by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It was studied from 2011 and officially put into production in 2012. The on-line detection of integrating balls on the production line is a domestic On-Line detection technology, in the future, we can customize personalized production lines according to customer needs. If the production line is put into use on a large scale, the production cost of LED lamps will be greatly reduced and LED industrialization will be promoted. LED bulb lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, excellent spectrum and long service life, and can be widely used in homes, hotels, shopping malls, offices and other places with strong versatility. Technology makes it possible to produce low-cost, high-efficiency and high-quality LED lamps, and also enables more energy-saving LEDs to enter ordinary people's homes faster. In the past two years, the price of LED lights has also dropped to a range acceptable to ordinary consumers. At present, the price of LED is basically close to or even equal to the traditional light source, and the endurance of consumers has no problem at all. Lighting, lighting businesses almost every household began to sell LED products. From the beginning of suspicion and resistance, it has become the current active sales of LED products, and some even began to consciously reduce or eliminate lighting products such as incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. This is a strange change in the entire market. The application field of LED lighting is gradually expanding and becoming a big market cake. Moreover, as the market matures, the cake will continue to grow. The number and performance of large-scale enterprises in the LED lighting industry have also improved significantly. Due to the energy-saving advantages of LED lighting products, under the escort of a series of policies, their market demand is huge. With the overall promotion of low-carbon economy, green lighting has been highly valued by our government, LED lighting industry has encouraging development prospects.
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