The major part of the integrated solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

about the integration of the main components of solar street lamps, we have seen in life integration is convenient to install solar street lamps, energy-saving is more obvious, widely used in our life, as an important part of integrated solar street light is the battery, today small make up just over this aspect of knowledge for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

this is no other road lighting product components. Integrated solar street lamp battery, like the camel's hump, has the function of storing energy. The importance is self-evident. Integrated solar street light from lead-acid batteries battery to gel battery and lithium battery three generations to replace, the current mainstream integrated solar street light from colloidal battery cells evolved to lithium battery, gel battery price is relatively low, relatively technology is relatively mature, high stability, etc. Defects are relatively the same level of service life lithium battery life is short, with less volume store electricity, such as deadly, so far has not been able to solve related technologies. In today's popular lithium battery is not perfect, when the market competition, many businesses began to shoddy, to actually market the recycling batteries refurbished activated again, let the consumer. Feel the lithium battery is not as good as the original gel battery is durable.

about the integration of main components of the battery solar street lamps knowledge will give you details here, hope we can continue to focus on website to learn more about the knowledge of the integration of solar street lights, and there is a need for integration of solar street light friends can feel free to contact us.
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