The main characteristic of the light, prominent in where?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
High lamp belongs to the one in the street lamp light type, called light, because its height is usually in more than 15 meters, a lot higher than other regular street light, therefore the name. Used in airports, ports, docks, etc to a wide range of lighting places. The characteristics of outdoor light, main highlight in & other; High & throughout; On that. High, is a focal point of the light, rather than highlight advantage more appropriate, because the height advantage can make the lights at the top of the area to the maximum, so as to achieve an ideal effect of lighting, lighting range of up to 10000 square meters. Light source usually use sodium lamp, metal halogen lamp, LED lamp, the number in 3 - Between 20 and elevating high lamp set manual and electric hoist control mode, can make the lamp panel from the ground to 2 safely and reliably. 5 meters, convenient maintenance. For large semi-trailer truck, the shortest high lamp is very long, because the semi-trailer and 13 meters length but also the shortest high lamp is installed in the above will be out more than 2 meters, it is absolutely not allowed, considering the production, transportation and installation of many disadvantageous factors, such as the production of light, finally determine the form of multiple segmental assembling, such convenient transportation, and make the production, is kill two birds with one stone. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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