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The lighting market will exceed US $150 billion in 2020

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-28
The output value of LED lighting energy-saving industry is expected to reach 450 billion yuan in 2015, and relevant listed companies will benefit from the policy guidance of localization of key equipment and important raw materials. The National Development and Reform Commission released the 'semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry plan' yesterday, proposing that by 2015, the key equipment and important raw materials of the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry will be localized and major technologies will make breakthroughs. The application products have reached the international advanced level, and the energy-saving effect is more obvious. The concentration of LED lighting energy-saving industry has gradually increased, the industrial agglomeration area has been basically established, and the competitiveness of a number of leading enterprises has been significantly enhanced. The research and development platform and standards, testing and certification systems have been further improved. Specifically, the first is that the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is more obvious, and the market share is gradually expanding. By 2015, incandescent lamps for general lighting above 60W will be completely eliminated, and the market share will drop below 10; The market share of traditional high-efficiency lighting products such as energy-saving lamps is stable at about 70; LED functional lighting products have a market share of more than 20. In addition, the market share of LED liquid crystal backlight and landscape lighting is 70 and 80 respectively. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED road lighting saves more than 30 electricity, indoor lighting saves more than 60 electricity, backlight application saves more than 50 electricity, landscape lighting saves more than 80 electricity, and achieves annual power saving of 60 billion kWh, it is equivalent to saving 21 million tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 60 million tons. Secondly, the scale of the industry has grown steadily and the strength of key enterprises has increased. The great development goal of LED lighting energy-saving industry is to increase the output value by about 30 per year, reaching 450 billion yuan in 2015 ( LED lighting application products 180 billion yuan). The industrial structure was further optimized and a number of distinctive semiconductor lighting industry clusters were built. Form 10 ~ 15 leading enterprises with core technology, more independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, and strong quality competitiveness. The third is that the technological innovation capability has been greatly improved, and the standards, testing and certification systems have been further improved. The localization rate of LED chips is above 80, and silicon-based LED chips have made important breakthroughs. The luminous efficiency of the core devices and the quality of the application products have reached the international advanced level. Large MOCVD equipment (LED epitaxial wafer production equipment) The key raw materials have been localized, and the localization rate of testing equipment has reached more than 70. An electronics industry analyst from a securities firm in Shenzhen pointed out in an interview with the Securities Times reporter that the plan highlights the policy orientation of localization, including both equipment and chips, as well as products such as backlights and street lamps, it will help MOCVD manufacturers such as Tianlong optoelectronics, and high-purity metal organic sources such as Nanda Optoelectronics (MO source) The development of manufacturers, as well as backlight enterprises Ruifeng Optoelectronics, street lamp leading enterprises qinshang Optoelectronics, domestic chip leading companies San'an Optoelectronics and Dehao Runda and other related enterprises. However, the analyst also reminded that although there are signs of recovery in the industry, the overall situation is still not very good, the price has been falling, and the income will not increase. According to statistics, in recent years, the annual growth rate of LED lighting energy-saving industry output value has remained above 20. To 2020 lighting market scale will more than 150 billion beauty yuan LED lighting market is expected to reach 75 billion beauty yuan accounted for lighting market share 50.
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