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The LED industry shuffling has not started?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-11
Despite the strong demand for LED lighting in 2013, the oversupply of LED production capacity is still waiting to be demoted, and the industrial reshuffle situation is becoming more and more clear. Following the collapse of China's LED factories and lighting factories, taiwan's LED supply chain is also under pressure to restructure. Qili Optoelectronics, an LED grain factory in qunchuang group, has sent out a message of closure. Qili Optoelectronics announced on the 25th that its directors have changed more than 1/3 of their major messages. Among them, chen Ling, chairman of Qili Optronics, resigned in 10th day of this month. It is reported that Qili Optronics has encountered competitive pressure and debt pressure on low-and medium-grade wafer products in the Chinese market. The oversupply of LED industry has brought considerable pressure on product prices, and the imbalance between supply and demand has also affected the reorganization of the supply chain in recent years, following the collapse of the LED crystal factory in 2012, the integration of guangga and Lunda, and the closure of several Chinese LED factories, the reorganization of the supply chain has not stopped, the cross-Strait LED industry entered the second wave of reshuffle in 2013, including the collapse of luchang Xiongji and Shenzhen Yiguang. Taiwan's LED grain factory Qili also reported that the financial crisis will be closed. It is understood that Qili Optoelectronics has been affected by the poor performance of the Chinese market in recent years. In 2012, it was reported that the company had a debt problem. On 10th day of this month, Qili Optoelectronics released a message on the resignation of chairman Chen Ling, immediately on the 11th, it was announced that two independent directors, Liu Xuanda and Luo laihuang, resigned. The remaining two directors, Guo Guoxiang and qunchuang, also resigned on the 25th, the company also reported the news of the departure of employees this week. The integration of LED supply chain will continue. Ye Yifu, chairman of LED packaging factory Yiguang, also believes that the industry will continue to carry out more than one round of elimination and Reshuffle. He revealed that when he heard that Qili Optoelectronics had a financial crisis, there was a willingness to support Qili optoelectronics, and he felt sorry for the current situation of Qili Optoelectronics.
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