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The LED industry map will be determined in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-24
Li Bingjie, chairman of LED leijing Dachang Jingdian, yesterday (21) Japanese surprisingly said that the entire LED industry will be finalized by 2015. It is estimated that there will be only two chip factories left in Taiwan and three in mainland China, all chip factories and packaging factories have only two years left. As for Jingdian, Li Bingjie said that he had prepared funds for three years and expected to carry out virtual vertical integration such as investment, shareholding and cooperation. Li Bingjie attended the 10th cross-Strait information industry and technology standards Forum yesterday. He said that the pace of LED industry consolidation was faster than expected within the company, therefore, according to this consolidation speed, LED Jiangshan will be roughly finalized before 2015. He pointed out that LED chip factories and packaging factories still have 1 ~ In 2 years, Taiwan has lost a Qili (Original Qimei Group to invest) In the future, there will be only two chip factories left, and only three in the mainland. As for the downstream lighting factories, they are more scattered, and there are their own local snakes (LocalKing) Because the market is very large, integration will take a long time. Li Bingjie believes that it is reasonable for the chip factory to maintain a gross profit margin of more than 30, but even if this gross profit margin level is reached, the average unit price of LED (ASP) It will still fall by more than 10 every year, 2011 ~ The price drop in 2012 even expanded to more than 35, and the industry still needs time to recover. Li Bingjie is still bearish on the prosperity in the first half of 2014. It is expected that the chip will not enter the stage of balance between supply and demand until the second half of the year. Li Bingjie also said that the integration of LED industry has been going on and crystal power has been continuously integrated in recent years. However, Crystal power does not like the one-stop operation mode of LED, so crystal power adopts the method of virtual integration, we have already prepared the funds needed for three years and can carry out vertical integration of upstream and downstream through investment, shareholding and cooperation. LED chips belong to a high capital expenditure industry. Even if they lose money, there is still a huge net inflow of depreciation cash that can be used every year. In terms of crystal power, there are about 4 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollar, the same below) Therefore, Li Bingjie believes that during the consolidation period, manufacturers will still have the strength to carry out many actions. Li Ping jie ri before Prediction for lighting market than expected poor even though the TV backlight slightly temperature but 4th season or can't get rid of low season effect industry average will correction 15 ~ Natural 20. The decline of Crystal electricity itself will not exceed the usual practice in previous years; 3rd season industry present profit state year also will surrender profit earnings. In accordance with crystal previous years short season cycle 2nd season, 3rd season revenue accounted for year 60 proportion to Crystal 2, 3 season operation situation year revenue about fall nearly 20 billion yuan about.
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