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The LED industry is not afraid of hardships and dangers

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-30
In particular, the 'decision' released on the 15th was regarded as a surprise exceeding social expectations. Reform was mentioned 59 times in the decision, and the frequency of occurrence exceeded the sum of the previous two sessions, the media in many countries praised it as an ambitious reform plan in the past ten years and a big consensus in China's ruling and opposition parties in the past 30 years. At the time of the country's vigorous reform, many favorable reports of LED industry also opened up a new path. Data released by several organizations show that the LED lighting market is expected to grow from 7 billion euros in 2010 to 40 billion euros in 2016. It is estimated that the revenue of the LED lighting market will approach 65 billion euros by 2020, it occupies nearly of the lighting market. China's LED industry has made continuous progress in industrial scale, industrial technology and product application, becoming a major manufacturing base for semiconductor lighting products. In 2013, the industrial scale will exceed 250 billion yuan. And in tough of said of technology field is also good news frequently not only in power white light LED chip industrialization key technology is big breakthrough and in major equipment core technology also get substantive of gradually promote. In addition scale system integrated technology research and major application effect significantly China has become LED full-color display, Solar LED, landscape lighting and application products Big of production and exporter. Facing the lighting market that is about to usher in explosive growth, LED enterprises must constantly innovate, reform and develop if they want to stand out from the competition, even through mergers and acquisitions, resource integration, powerful combination, complementary advantages to enhance the overall strength, in order to occupy the competitive advantage when the market really broke out. In addition China LED industry is in to competition into upgrading transformation of key period to success across foreign patent layout trap, continue LED industry of rapid growth must speed up the transformation of development style, further pay close attention to industry development quality break price war, quality door, homogenization competition such as control and obstacles continue to firm to promote key field and key link of reform innovation. Development requires great courage and meticulous and sober wisdom. Enterprises should focus on three aspects to promote: to ensure the quality of products, standardize the market, and strengthen the consumer confidence; Pay attention to cultivation brand extended consumption channel encourage M & A recombinant big do strong industry; Increase research and development efforts and actively promote innovative applications. The development of LED has lasted for more than ten years, and now it has reached a new stage of appropriate speed-up and acceleration. To borrow the words of Premier Li Keqiang, we must show the determination and courage of a strong man to break his wrist, show greater determination and courage than at the beginning of development, get rid of the minefield of homogeneous competition, break through the shackles of price war, be brave in product innovation and form a joint force, face the challenges and create new splendor for the development of the industry. Where is the opportunity, only the reform. How to break through, only the new. Only by continuing to rely on reform and innovation, further deepening the development of the industry, starting again through hardships and hardships, and striving forward, can the LED industry move quickly on the fast track of scientific development, realize the historic leap from a big country in LED industry to a powerful country in LED industry.
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