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The LED industry is looking forward to good practitioners next year

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-06
With the environmental awareness and green energy issues, the LED lighting industry is developing rapidly, and the five giants of the Taiwan LED industry are optimistic about the industrial boom next year. Although mainland products are still competing at low prices in the international market, Taiwan's LED lighting products still have competitive advantages such as high quality stability, good heat dissipation function and strong design sense. The Taiwanese industry admits that although there is great potential in emerging markets in Southeast Asia, mainland products will enjoy tariff concessions when entering Asean. It is hoped that the government will sign more economic agreements in order to give LED export more room for development. The rise of environmental awareness has LED to the rapid development of the LED industry recently. However, facing low-cost competition from mainland manufacturers, Taiwan's LED exporters have to work harder to open up the international market. According to industry analysis, Taiwan's LED bulbs have gradually developed into medium and high-end products, with high quality stability, good heat dissipation function and emphasis on design, which has become an important key to capture foreign manufacturers. Industry Zhu Yuning: more advanced things, such as large Watts, 20 to 30 watts or more, because this requires good antipyretic technology, the mainland has not done better than Taiwan. Taiwan is more advantageous in high-end products. Taiwan itself has higher quality requirements and better quality control. We have higher stability. Judging from the current international market, Europe and Japan are still the mainstream of Taiwan's LED export, but they are regarded as emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Because of the tariff concessions of ASEAN Plus One, Taiwanese manufacturers want to lay the Southeast Asian market, relatively hard. Zhu Yuning: Southeast Asia pays more attention to cost and is more sensitive to price. In terms of function, there is no such requirement. In fact, it is hard for us to fight in the Southeast Asian market, unless some specific customers have special requirements for quality, especially the mainland and they have ASEAN Plus One, so the tariff is very low- 5, even lower, some take border trade, such as Vietnam's border trade, Taiwan's things to enter the market, is simply a fantasy. With the topic of green energy and environmental protection, the five giants of Taiwan's LED industry are optimistic about the industry boom next year. However, the industry believes that there must be more tariff concessions in the multi-target market, it is also hoped that the government can actively join regional economic organizations and negotiate trade agreements to bring more substantial help to export manufacturers.
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