The innovation of the integrated solar street light transform dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Now integrated solar street lamps in the market competition is fierce, in order to get the order, reduce costs, cut corners, is the integration of the solar street light appear quality problem, let the customer for the integration of faith greatly reduce the use of solar street lamps, in order to let customers can rest assured the use of integrated solar street light, integrated solar street light products manufacturer of integration innovation reform. First is the heat dissipation problem of led light source, this can be basically solved, because the lamp light source on the commonly used is the list of 1 w value. Now use aluminium base PCB. LED light source and aluminum substrate coated with thermal conductivity silicone grease, aluminum board and aluminum radiator behind, between them also coated with thermal conductive silicone, even some manufacturer directly printed circuit on the radiator, better solved the heat dissipation problem. Integration too can street lamp panels used in street lamp on the conversion rate has been raised to 14% 16%, the quality and stability of the storage battery has improved a lot, ensure the solar component of long life, make the integration of solar energy street lamp lighting effect and service life can meet customer requirements.
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