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The harm caused by the price war between solar street light manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the lowering of the threshold for entrepreneurship and the vigorous development of new rural construction, more and more people have begun to focus on the 'fat' piece of solar street light. In recent years, the number of solar street light manufacturers on the market is Increasing year by year, competition is getting bigger and bigger, and the price of solar street lights is getting lower and lower, leading to a serious quality crisis in the solar street light industry.

Many solar street light manufacturers do not make good products, but lower prices, attract customers and make profits by low prices. Properly lowering the price of solar street lights is conducive to industrialization and scale, but if the price is too low, unscrupulous measures will kill the solar street light industry.

The price war between solar street lights will cause some manufacturers to cut corners for profit and launch products with serious quality and quality, which will lead to the flood of low-quality solar street lights and cause a series of problems. Over time, the reputation of the solar street light industry will get worse and worse, and even worse, the entire market will go badly, and a group of manufacturers will die.

In the fanciful solar street lamp market, solar street lamp manufacturers who do not participate in price wars and insist on brand positioning, quality positioning and price positioning are worthy of respect, and they can achieve greater development in the future.

But the reason for the price war among solar street lamp manufacturers is actually the market's desire for low-cost street lamps. For purchasers, when purchasing products, they must look for regular manufacturers and not greedy to choose low-priced products cheaply. It is necessary to know that price determines product quality, and the quality of solar street lights can only be guaranteed if the price is guaranteed. Low-priced products must be produced by reducing their own costs. When you buy low-priced products, you may choose low-quality products, and the after-sales of low-priced products cannot be guaranteed. At that time, buyers will face the double pressure of solar street light quality and after-sales. In addition, for manufacturers, solar street light manufacturers must standardize the market together, customize reasonable market prices, and resolutely refrain from price wars.

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