The grand opening of the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition OFweek will show you the e

The grand opening of the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition OFweek will show you the elegant demeanour of the exhibition

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-16
In June 9, 2016, it has been hailed as a large-scale, influential, comprehensive and profitable LED industry event in the industry--Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as Guangya Exhibition) At the Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center was grandly opened. The OFweek semiconductor lighting network team tracked the event and reported on the first day of the conference. The so-called, see the world lighting exhibition, view the lighting industry astronomical phenomena. As we all know, all exhibitors and exhibition groups can learn about the industry's leading trends, market development trends, new product technology directions, and development gaps at home and abroad during the Guangya Exhibition. According to Dr. Pan Wenbo, director of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co. , Ltd. , 2399 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, the business scope spans many fields such as professional lighting, decorative lighting, LED technology, professional lighting, light source, lighting accessories, lighting control system, lighting production equipment and instruments, etc, it aims to showcase innovative products and technologies for the industry from multiple perspectives. It has been observed that the exhibitors of this year's Guangya Exhibition are crowded with stars, and the exhibition site is brilliant. This time, including Opal lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Foshan Lighting, sanxiong Aurora, Shengpu Optoelectronics, hongbao technology, zhaochi shares, maoshuo power supply, Mingwei electronics, Songsheng power supply, yingfeite electronics, Laifu, Kerui, Yiguang, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, industry leaders including South Korea's LG, American Kerui, baiheng Optoelectronics, Hongli Optoelectronics, Yimei Xinguang, Romney, Rediske, PI semiconductor, overclocking 3, and integrated Microelectronics gathered at the scene, A total of grand events. During the exhibition, although the weather was not very sunny, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the visitors. The exhibition was on the scene. From the perspective of the number and scale of the exhibition, Guangya Exhibition will not be famous for the large-scale exhibition of the industry. The flow of people in the exhibition hall is large. At this year's Guangya Exhibition, sanxiong Aurora, Foshan Lighting, Jinyu lighting, Romney, baiheng optoelectronics and other industry giants have shown their true skills, A seemingly beautiful eye-catching lighting exhibition became a war without smoke. Whether it is booth design or exhibition products, they undoubtedly bring a beautiful visual impact to the exhibitors. Foshan Lighting booth Jinsheng lighting booth sanxiong Aurora booth Romney booth baiheng photoelectric booth Electric Power Group booth hongbao technology Booth
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