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The fundamental driving force of LED industry development is still the market driving force

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-29
Heshan, a leading LED enterprise with a large scale and a complete industrial chain in Jiangmen, is really bright and beautiful. During successive years of losses and operating difficulties, news of assets being sold or even merged has recently come out, it has attracted the attention of the industry and the media. The person in charge of the relevant department said that the industrial transfer of zhenmingli was only a case and had no impact on the development of Jiangmen LED industry. In fact, no matter whether the rumors are true or not, it is an indisputable fact that the lighting Kingdom has no longer been brilliant for 30 years and that the development of Jiangmen LED industry is far from expected. In recent years, Jiangmen has listed green light source as one of the three strategic emerging industries with 8 million yuan. It has given 12 million yuan subsidy to each MOCVD unit, which has invested in key equipment, and has arranged huge special funds for several consecutive years. However, until last year, the city's LED output value was still less than 20 billion yuan, with an average growth rate of only about 500 billion in the past three years. The target of yuan output value cannot be achieved. Faced with this situation, people cannot help asking why the LED industry supported by the government with unconventional measures has not achieved extraordinary development? There are many problems involved here: there are not only the restriction of weak demand, but also the factors of overcapacity, as well as the influence of immature technology and unstable quality; However, the author thinks that the fundamental problem may be that Jiangmen LED industry still lacks the core competitiveness to adapt, guide and even create effective market demand. From the perspective of the industry's own development, the technology of the second generation LED products currently produced in our country is not advanced. Many enterprises use LED grains mainly imported, while some countries are already studying the third generation LED. Judging from the government's attitude towards the industry, over cities across the country have listed LED as the priority of development. Under the circumstances that they do not know much about the industry, do not have deep research and have too high expectations, the unconventional development measures essentially have the meaning of blindly gambling. However, a large amount of financial subsidies will inevitably lead to disorderly competition in the LED market. If the subsidy is mainly invested in the upstream of the industrial chain, it will cause a sharp increase in investment and overcapacity; If subsidies are put into the consumption link of lighting products, although it can expand market demand and stimulate industrial development, it cannot help enterprises to enhance market competitiveness. Therefore, the government's support for LED industry must focus on helping enterprises to form core competitiveness. On the one hand, basic research on new semiconductor materials and their performance improvement should be organized to create preconditions for enterprises to carry out technological innovation, improve and stabilize product quality and reduce costs. But generally speaking, provincial governments have such capabilities. On the other hand, we should create a good market environment for enterprises. Guangdong has already decided to popularize LED public lighting by the end of 2014, but public lighting is only a part of all lighting after all, and home lighting is the big market space for industrial development. In order to promote a large number of LED lighting products to enter the home, it is necessary to reduce the cost including power saving factors to a level similar to that of traditional lighting products, so as to realize the popularization of LED product prices. In a word, if an industry mainly depends on the support and subsidy of the government to survive and develop, its endogenous growth power will certainly be insufficient, its competitiveness will inevitably be weak, and its development space will also be limited; Cultivating and enhancing the ability to adapt to and even guide market demand should be the key to the healthy growth and sustainable development of Jiangmen LED industry in the future.
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