The function of the simple understanding of the integration of street lamp ( Last)

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
In recent years new integration street streets of major cities in China appeared in succession, they carry is more than the city public lighting & other Mission & throughout; , such as the integration of city information acquisition and convenient service terminal, and so on. Let's simple to understand function integration of the integration of street lamp lighting lamps in addition to the LED lights to replace the traditional sodium lamp, energy saving, complete a also used sensor, intelligent control technology, achieve on-demand lighting, such as time, season, sunshine, latitude and longitude position, to automatically adjust the brightness, the LED lighting brightness, so as to achieve the secondary energy. Intelligent street lamp also can realize video monitoring video monitoring system for video surveillance, image preview, point to point video storage and playback video retrieval and management, combined with its powerful ability of video processing, analysis has been used for a variety of scenarios for identification, such as vehicles, face recognition, all kinds of illegal, can also according to different events to monitor and alarm, such as smoke, away bad habits. Street lamps function integration and information release, showing can include information such as the party policy, public welfare propaganda, public information release, emergency warning, regional map display, surrounding environment, air pollution, commercial advertising, etc. Form of content can be words, pictures, video, etc. , and can set policy rules published information, such as timing, area, user groups, insert broadcasting emergency information can also be temporary.
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