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The 'four hurdles' that must be passed in the development of LED enterprises'

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-17
Time is like a blink of an eye. Looking back on the development of LED industry this year, there will always be many business owners who feel more than enough. If there is no big move, no new moves, no new model, and the management is not satisfactory. In fact, many enterprises have only seen the attraction of innovation, but only the benefits and values brought by innovation, on the contrary, it ignores the reality that an enterprise must have a solid foundation before it can achieve its innovative strength. To build a good building, you must first lay a good foundation, and you must first take a good step. The same is true for Enterprise Development. If LED bosses want to make their own enterprises develop steadily, they must lay a good foundation and take a good step. According to the development status of LED enterprises, the author believes that there are several thresholds to cross. First of all, the mentality is better. The boss of the enterprise should have a clear plan for the positioning and management objectives of his products, and should not be free from the current chaotic situation in the LED industry and have no focus of his own. If you set a goal, don't change it at will. If you define your goal, the staff will be more determined and unified. At the same time, a good attitude is also reflected in not excessively pursuing exaggerated goals, and everything should be based on reality. The second is to have passion. The fear of doing anything is that there is no passion, and the same is true for running a company. Although the LED industry is currently facing many development challenges, as long as it breaks through these difficult challenges, it is just around the corner to become brilliant. Therefore, LED enterprises should believe in their own future, work passionately, and have the fighting spirit to manage the enterprise well and produce high-quality products so that the company can stand firm in the market. The third is heavy technology. At present, the LED industry is facing a big problem of lack of core technology. Even if there is technology, the knowledge protection of technology is not strict. LED enterprises must pay attention to the research and development of technology, not only for the benefit of mass production, but also for having strong technical strength. At the same time, we must accumulate our own resources and funds. Only LED enterprises with technology, resources and funds can survive the fierce competition in the industry. The fourth is to insist. In recent years, there are many new LED enterprises, and there are not a few fallen LED enterprises, including short-lived companies. These companies are basically unable to seize the opportunity to exert their power in the changing market. Even if they have strength, they often make a loss. Running a business is a long-lasting job. How to find the right point is worth the consideration of the business owner. After the change. At present, many LED enterprises have gradually started to embark on the road of transformation with the development of the market. However, although the main body of the enterprises after the transformation has not changed, their internal bodies have actually changed. Both the assessment mechanism and the resource structure have changed. Therefore, the transformed enterprises must make timely adjustments to the management mechanism for the change of development direction. Only in this way can all departments of the enterprise operate normally and achieve the effect of stable development of the enterprise. Engaging in enterprises is like playing Go. First, we must seize Tianyuan, that is, occupy the commanding heights of technology. Second, we must have roots. Only when we have roots can we survive and expand and develop outward. This root is the content of corporate culture such as mentality, passion and concept.
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