The emergence of intelligent street lamp a number of roles

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-15
Many cities are hard up a unique road lights caused people to pay special attention to, it is simply following the development of science and technology developed the wisdom of the street lamp. The street lights also built-in 5 g base stations and electric vehicle charging pile, complete near 5 g wireless network coverage. According to statistics, the fill high-tech & other; Wonderful lamp & throughout; A number of roles, give attention to two or morethings set intelligent lighting, 5 g communications, car battery, video monitoring system, integration of the information interaction, completed the resources & other A Shared resource, aggregation, comprehensive & throughout; 。 Near the intelligent street lamp category, evaluation on the spot of 5 g network speed maximum of 900 MBPS. Also use 5 g low delay, high speed transmission characteristics, management unit can collect back to the surveillance video, road street lamp management regulation, car battery pile method all data information, such as LED street light wisdom booster city fine management, intelligent management method. Along with the acceleration of urban basic construction steps wisdom, wisdom lights appeared in major cities, we will be together the electric power enterprise marketing promotion quickly accepted, except in 5 g base stations, but also fusion technology of Internet of things, such as technical, machine equipment such as various kinds of intelligent security, natural environment detector can also be embedded intelligent street lamp. In the future, & other; 5 g + wisdom light pole & throughout; Will become the key to wisdom city breakthrough, also will hopefully boost 5 g base station infrastructure.
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