The duration of solar lights lights on

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

length of solar road lights light rely on what? Solar lights light long time mainly depends on the sun's ultraviolet intensity using regional, uv intensity affect how much solar cells absorb the solar energy, solar panels is directly related to the daily output, such as yunnan and solar ultraviolet radiation intensity in heilongjiang province are very different.

use regional sunshine time is a few hours every day, every day is the solar lighting lamps and effective illumination time, the solar panel can give every day the battery is directly related to how long it will take charge of electricity. The national uniform sunshine time is. Hours. Such as yunnan illumination time is longer than heilongjiang many.

solar street lamps use regional uniform continuation of wet weather is a few days. In order to design the outdoor solar street light for a few days continue rainy weather can still be used normally. That is to say, want to be in accounting configuration of solar street lamps, solar street lamp manufacturers to consider from wet weather, to ensure normal use of solar energy street light rainy weather. Wet weather in some areas is a day, for example, that will ensure that day can still normal solar street lamps lighting the rainy weather.
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