The design of the led street light lightning protection device

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
On a rainy day is afraid of thunder and lightning, as outdoor street light, led street lamp if encountered thunderstorm day, it's easy to damage, so we need lightning protection device installation of the led street lamp. Lightning protection device designed according to the power supply voltage, largely due to lightning led street lamp circuit when the weather will be generated by the electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, a Tunisian peak voltage or sudden peak current through the, thus influence and damage the led street light equipment. So you need to choose the suitable led dedicated lightning over voltage protection for power supply lines and avoiding the phenomenon of large area road lights led lightning damage is found in the same area. Set the thunder reserves outdoor led lights besides power lightning protection system equipment, will also set up some communication equipment is used to control the street lamp switch and brightness, the equipment and power needs to be placed in the lightning protection zone, protected areas directly affected by casing shielding, because these places much weak electromagnetic fields. More led lights lightning protection scheme is after many practice has proved, at the same time through scientific design and strict inspection, confirmed that can not only ensure the led street lamp system from lightning damage, and can also prevent thunder of street lamp power equipment of common mode and differential mode interference.
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