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The demand for LED products has increased significantly compared with last year

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-19
In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of domestic governments at all levels, the scale of LED industry has continued to expand. However, due to a series of uncertain factors such as overheated investment, many people in the industry believe that the prospect of LED industry is not clear. In response, many people in the industry participating in the exhibition think that the LED industry may face a reshuffle, but the prospect is still promising. At present, the LED market is also in a process of continuous integration and Reshuffle. Some small-scale manufacturers and inferior products will be gradually eliminated by the market, and enterprises and products will develop towards scale, branding and standardization. Fei Weidong, deputy director of Jiangmen Economic and Information Bureau, believes that since this year, the demand for LED products has increased significantly compared with last year, and export orders have also increased compared with last year, the overall LED market is growing continuously and rapidly, and the LED lighting market is gradually expanding from commercial lighting to home lighting. Jiangmen should seize the new opportunities for the development of the lighting industry, increase the support for the development of the LED industry, and implement relevant supporting policies to promote the continuous improvement of the lighting industry chain, strive to provide a better development environment for lighting enterprises. Similarly, Guo Xiu, managing director of Guangdong guangbohui Investment Development Co. , Ltd. , also believes that throughout the entire lighting industry, with the continuous decline in the price of LED lamps, now Jiangmen LED industry has ushered in a new period of outbreak and growth, and the development prospect of LED industry will be bright. The financial critic Ye Tan also analyzed the current situation of the lighting industry at the China Lighting Industry Upgrading Summit Forum held at the same time as the China Light Expo, it is believed that there will still be a huge demand for LED industry in the future real estate and residential market. As for the competition with the surrounding cities, Hong Yannan, director of Jiangmen lighting and electrical appliance industry association, believes that Zhongshan and Foshan have advantages in the field of traditional lighting industry, but in the field of LED industry, everyone's starting point is the same. As long as Jiangmen has determination and lofty goals in developing LED industry, it will definitely make a breakthrough. Is the integration of industrial chain resources the key to development? In the three-day fair, LED industry chain became one of the high-frequency words. Many people in the industry believe that how to integrate industrial chain resources in the next step will become the key to the further development of Jiangmen LED enterprises. At the special investment promotion meeting for LED industry in high-tech zone held the day before yesterday, Zhou Huihong, executive deputy director of the high-tech Zone Management Committee and head of Jianghai district, said that Jiangmen national high-tech zone is now a large LED production base in south China, at present, there are more than 500 LED packaging production lines, and a complete industrial chain from the upper, middle and lower reaches of the epitaxial chip packaging application product testing product transaction has been formed. According to Ma Jingtao, a part-time professor in the School of Economics and Management of Wuyi University, Jiangmen has formed a basically complete industrial chain in terms of industrial level, and relevant enterprises are mainly distributed in the middle and lower reaches, however, there are only four enterprises located in the upper and middle reaches.
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