The common problems in the courtyard lamp installation

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Now the construction of urbanization, many village building development, and community is often used in modelling rich garden light, therefore the courtyard lamp sales soar. But some garden light but not in the installation specification, then we can understand the courtyard lamp installation of the common problems in construction. 1, the construction quality is poor because of the lighting garden light quality caused by the fault for a larger proportion. Main show is a cable trench depth is not enough, sanding cover brick construction according to the standard; 2 it is not in accordance with the requirements of standard construction, foundation of embedded pipe is mainly embedded pipe carefully, coupled with a certain amount, difficult in cable, in appears at the bottom of the base & other; Die bending & throughout; Situation; Three is the line nose and the thickness of insulation wrapped pressure is not enough, after a long run would interphase short circuit. 2, the material does not pass from processing in recent years, outdoor garden light failure, low material quality also have very big factor. Main show is less wire containing aluminum, lead is hard, thin insulating layer. This situation is more common in recent years. 3, form a complete set of engineering quality is not good garden light cable generally spread on the sidewalk. The pavement construction quality is poor, ground subsidence, the cable force deformation, cable sheathing. Especially in the alpine zone in northeast China, the winter arrival, make the cable and soil to form a whole, the ground once appear, settlement, will be a tear at the bottom of the garden lamp base, and by the summer rain, will burn out in basic root. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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