The common characteristic of led solar street light manufacturer

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
Street lamp lighting quality problems, technical problems, research and development and patent issues are now led solar street lamps manufacturer suffered the first heavy doors. Product homogeneity, quality closes nevertheless, have to at a low price to competition, a large number of low-priced shipment return phenomenon is serious, at the same time, the factory cannot ensure after-sales service, this is the most common characteristic of led solar street light manufacturer. Before the day of the solar street lamps factory haven't sad now, expensive solar street lamps on the market was a great living space, many small enterprise development become a medium-sized enterprise. Lighting market is not standard, the problem existing in the period is quite long. Lighting market climate is not very good, the result of shoddy, consumer impression of solar street light. Low price war, it has been for several years in the lighting market. In recent years, under the relevant government departments, media, public opinion preach, many businesses, but also there are to many small businesses out of the stage. Want profits or market, which became the led solar street lamps factory dilemma, high pricing can bring high profits but hard to boost sales, low price could grab market is difficult to guarantee profits.
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