The choice of road lighting Mains LED street lamp and solar street lamp

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13
In recent years, LED technology and solar technology have developed rapidly, and LED street lamp technology has become more and more mature, becoming the most commonly used lamp product for road lighting. City power LED street lights and solar street lights are both green and energy-saving, so how to choose between city power LED street lights and solar street lights?

City power LED street lights are suitable for urban road lighting. Urban road lighting requires relatively high, high power, and stable lighting. Generally, city power LED street lights are used. Solar street lights have a lot of instability. The configuration of solar street lights required for high power becomes higher. Not only is the price of solar street lights increased, but solar panels must be large enough. Urban buildings and dense trees next to roads will block the solar panels. , Will have an impact on solar modules.

Solar street light is a combination of LED street light and solar energy. It uses LED street light fixtures, plus solar controllers, solar panels and batteries. Solar street lights are suitable for lighting in rural areas. The lighting requirements in rural areas are not very high. If you install city-powered LED street lights, you need to lay cables. Calculating the cost and later electricity costs, the price of LED street lights is higher than that of solar street lights.
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