The choice of LED street light weight problems and droop dynamic | | industry lighting: solar LED street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-22
LED street lamp is a mature technology for the development of an outdoor street light, the use of it as impossible with traditional street lamps use advantages, maybe we can't say now LED street lamp is already very perfect a street lamp, but at least it made up for the inadequacy of traditional lamps and lanterns, whether it's problem is its light weight failure problem, have been greatly improved. LED street light due to the complexity of high technical content, composition and so on reasons, some high power lamp holder will weigh far more than ordinary high pressure sodium lamp, so higher requirements for the corresponding support materials. Now, however, LED street lamp manufacturers are gradually to reduce the dead weight, high power LED street light from the original single lamp holder 30 kg, dropped to 10 kilograms, and reduce the weight of the now could fall further. As the need for long-term use, LED street lamp outdoor street light, it is absolutely not allowed the use of small power LED street light, we must select high-power LED street lamps, the LED street light will not have any light failure problem. Some manufacturers in order to reduce cost, use the lamps and lanterns of small power, the LED lamp light failure is very serious, its light failure and 80% of life is only 1000 hours. So we purchase, want to choose good brand manufacturers.
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