The characteristics of the LED wall lamp

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-15
Energy saving: 1 w particles LED brightness is equivalent to 10 w ordinary light bulb brightness, power consumption is less than 1 w;
environmental protection: LED wall lamp belongs to the semiconductor, can be recycled, no pollution, and after the ordinary light bulb is broken, also worry about how to deal with bad rubbish;
efficient: LED wall lamp with white hair white high brightness LED, electro-optic conversion efficiency up to 90%, little fever, and about 80% common bulb electric energy transformed into heat energy, only about 20% transformed into light energy, so use the LED light is high efficiency and energy saving. Security: aluminum shell, LED wall lamp USES a car on a home or warehouse or in transit is not easy to damage, and belongs to the common bulb glass vacuum products, has a certain risk, the other LED lamp adopts dc drive, no stroboscopic, is good for eyesight protection, and ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent lamp communication power supply has a stroboscopic, coupled with the LED dc supply no electromagnetic interference, and electronic ballast of energy-saving lamp tube electromagnetic interference is very big. Longevity: LED wall lamp belongs to high power semiconductor products, a few years normal use is rarely a problem, and the life of the ordinary light bulbs are generally is not long, because the tungsten wire holder of common bulb is easy to cause broken wires in the process of heat bilges cold shrink, which is the traditional light bulb's Achilles' heel. Especially the commercial use of halogen lamp, at the expense of more life to increase brightness. Because of some leds instead of the halogen lamps and lanterns is imperative for commercial use. Early use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, can save you the success of the great cost.

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