The characteristics of the integrated solar street light controller know how much

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

integration system, solar street lamps controller plays a very important role, it depends on when the lights, the lighting time and brightness, etc. , also have the effect of protection of the whole system, the escort, to play the best performance of integrated solar street light below to learn about the characteristics of the integrated solar street light controller.

integrated solar controller

, control the output time

solar controller can set time period, the output current to set a good time to start begin to work.

, ensuring the constant current output current

due to the LED our needs through constant current or current limiting technology, otherwise cannot work normally. General LED lights used way is usually with a driver for the LED constant current power supply, but it needs to bring on the power loss, made with independent drive power supply more electricity, so this way is not advisable.

and output power adjustment

in the application of solar energy street lamp, to adjust the power. Adjust power can control the brightness of the LED lights, such as street lamps in the morning adjustment into W, late-night adjustment into W energy saving, so lock the current both meets the requirements of lighting in the night, and save the overall configuration of battery, solar panels and budget, greatly effectively prolongs the service life of LED lights.

integrated solar street light is MPPT controller, photoelectric conversion efficiency % %. Comprehensive efficiency, up to %, the same time, the conversion of electricity than PMW controller, but also has the overcharge, discharge, electric and other multiple protection, can better improve product experience.

in conclusion, everybody also awareness of the characteristics of the integrated solar street light controller and its features, superior performance of the solar street light controller can better protect the whole solar street light system, and improve the product experience. To realize the integration of solar street lights for more details, please consult us, will have a professional team to serve you!
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