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the best solar eclipse glasses and filters

by:ALLTOP      2019-10-09
After consulting two major astronomers-
Gear experts and 10 different solar eclipse observers directly observe the sun. We conclude that Celestron Eclipsmart 2X power observer is the best way to observe the sun when the total solar eclipse approaches.
They provide enough magnification to make things interesting and meet all relevant ISO safety standards.
With the approaching solar eclipse, the demand for eclipse glasses and filters is also growing. -
Almost every retailer we find seems to be struggling to keep inventory.
At the time of writing, our selection was sold out almost everywhere we checked.
We will update this comment as soon as our proposal comes back to stock, but at the same time, please follow us on Twitter for updates on this situation.
August 21 is a big day for astronomers, the first solar eclipse observed in 38 years in the United States.
If you want to see it safely, you need a pair of eclipse glasses.
Solar Eclipse Glass Complying with ISO 12312 Standard-
Rick Feinberg of the American Astronomical Society tells us that safety standards \"reduce the brightness of the sun by half a million times to make it look as bright as a full moon\".
They also block harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun.
Please note that eclipse glasses block 100,000 times more light than the darkest ordinary sunglasses!
\"If you observe the sun through a device with optical lenses (e. g. telescopes, DSLR lenses or binoculars), you also need to take additional precautions.
\"When using optical devices to observe the sun. . . The filter must be placed in front of the optical equipment. [emphasis added]
” Feinberg said.
\"The optical system collects so much light that. . . Your retina is likely to be burned by heat, which can damage the retina. (Not just damage)
The rod and cone of your eye.
\"For more information on how to safely observe an eclipse, Feinberg pointed out to us this guide from the American Astronomical Society.
The most important criterion for how we select and test eclipse shadows is safety.
Fienberg told us, \"Only five manufacturers have proved that their Eclipse glasses and hand-held solar observers meet ISO 12312 standards. -
International Standards: Rainbow Symphony, American Paper Optics, Thousand Oak Optics, TSE 17 and Baader Astronomical Center.
\"The first filters we selected from Celestron and the filters we selected from Daystar for telescopes and 50mm lenses all use American paper-based optical filters.
We initially tried to include options for telescopes, but Feinberg explained, \"Most people do better with binoculars because they are easier to use and have enough magnification.
I always use binoculars to observe the total eclipse, because the telescope\'s field of view is not wide enough to show many spectacular coronas. (
Fine external atmosphere)
It extends several solar diameters in all directions.
\"Basically, using a telescope is like sitting two feet away watching TV: you can see a part of the screen in more detail, but in fact you miss a bigger picture.
In addition, we consider clarity, packaging, price, user reviews, and ease of assembly.
We selected about 30 models on Amazon and 10 models for testing, including paper and plastic glasses and lens filters.
We assembled all the models and tested each glasses to see which one could be used with the glasses.
We\'re also looking at the cars that excite us. -
After all, an eclipse is an exciting event.
We selected all the paper options we tested, and Celestron Eclipsmart 2X Power audiences produced the clearest images.
They will magnify slightly. (
2 times zoom, not 8 to 10 times zoom for ordinary telescopes)
This makes the sun\'s vision more attractive, rather than overwhelming.
We also like that Celestron is a reputable telescope manufacturer that ensures that its equipment meets ISO 12312 standards. -
2 safety standards(
The guarantee is written on the package. .
These filters are manufactured by Paper Optics Inc. of the United States, which is recognized by the IAEA and NASA as a manufacturer of safe filters for observing solar eclipses.
Our testers like the interesting elements of the entire Celestron package: Eclipse Smart 2X Power audience is divided into two parts-
Packages for sharing, including a small plug-in with useful maps and other Eclipses-
The correlation coefficient ID.
For those who already have binoculars, if you already have binoculars, or are considering investing in a set before an eclipse, Daystar\'s universal lens filters can easily slide onto any pair around your house.
They have a prefabricated house you can fold, origami. -
Make it into a cylinder and put it on the lens.
Amazon\'s customer reviews point out that these products are likely to decline-
We did a little too.
But in order to accommodate various lens sizes, it is easy enough to fix them with a little transparent tape.
You can also buy certified solar energy-
Filter paper and rubber-
Tie them around the lens, but we think the Daystar option is more elegant and less error prone.
Like Celestron, Daystar uses American paper optical filters, which have been approved by the American Aeronautics and Space Administration (AAS) and NASA for solar eclipse observations.
If you don\'t need a magnifying glass, if you don\'t need a magnifying glass, paper optical solar eclipse glasses in the United States are cheap and safe. -
Certification, and they are five to ten packages, so if someone rips one, you have more things to pass on.
If you want to take pictures on your mobile phone, you only need a pair of paper glasses.
Rick Fienberg advises people to cut off \"one filter\".
Including housing)
Stick it to the camera from a pair of paper eclipse glasses(i. e.
Put it on the back of your cell phone.
So you don\'t have to worry about it exploding.
However, these paper glasses may not be able to overcome the existing glasses.
A pair of glasses stronger than glasses in our research, paper glasses have far exceeded our experts\'favorite, but if your heart is placed on a pair of strong glasses, or if you want glasses more suitable than prescription glasses, we like Eclipser HD safety sunglasses.
Eclipser is a trustworthy brand of American Paper Optics Company.
Using plastic pairs, you will find some subtle differences from paper cups, including less light leakage from the surrounding area. (
Although this will not affect your viewing effect);
EclipserHD is also suitable for glasses.
As a photographer\'s filter, by talking to our experts and trying to photograph ourselves, we realized that it might not be so interesting to shoot an eclipse. -
It is difficult to achieve good results.
But if you know what you\'re doing or just want to give it a lens, we test and like to use a 50 mm Daystar universal lens filter.
It\'s the same filter as a binocular telescope. -
The lens filters are manufactured by the same well-known company, Daystar, which uses NASA/NASA. -
Authentication filter.
Unsurprisingly, in our tests, this filter has the same sliding problem as the Daystar binocular filter, but also Scotch tape can\'t solve any problem.
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