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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Solar street light industry integrity first in the industry of lamps and lanterns, the good faith is more important than life, in the industry, by a face, a reputation. Bad reputation once you can say goodbye to this circle the basic. As long as keep your words, a telephone, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of money immediately to your hand. This is the charm of this industry. Social chengxin perform best circles, to insist, honesty is gold, along with the letter, which we have been sticking to the most precious things. The bitterness behind the scenery there was a group of people who do the lamps and lanterns, the surface of the scenery when the manager, boss, when the main gold! Wearing shiny, mouth spit lotus, with millions of tens of millions of several dozens hundred million market, actually led a helpless painful day, arrive every day! Great river north and south drifting, three meals a day, or even months can not eat a good meal! Dinner party for a variety of people. Do it's hard to offer high solar street lamps, said you black; Low price, say you are a liar; Quotation, just said to think it over again! Take a reason him, his bullshit with you; Don't take a reason him, he said you pack to force; Chat is good, he said to think about it. 。 。 Let's lamps and lanterns people what to do? But still too, I still have to continue to do & hellip; Bargaining to cut my first cost is very big, profit is very thin, which is the status quo of lamps and lanterns. Pro, don't bargain so malicious, don't think a lamp can earn much money, is really very meager profits, if you want to bargain, bargaining before me! I'm not selling solar street light lamps and lanterns is in hard boss electrocardiogram (ecg) normal heartbeat: __ / . . . . . . have a list of customers to heart: / ___ / _ (/ _ _ customer bargaining of the heart: _ / _ _ _ _ / / / / _ _ customer orders come heartbeat / / / / / / money out of the heart. . , so sell lamps and lanterns, is really a life practice, and do and cherish! Do solar street light in the real life to eat the Fried rice with ten dollars, drives hundreds of thousands of remittance. Sit bus is 1 dollar, talk about the millions of the contract. Sleep more than one hundred dollars of hostels, pointing out tens of millions of market. With thousands of dollars of wages, staring at the millions of millions of list. Do the lamps and lanterns, is so capricious. To find industry should find such, playing a multibillion-dollar business. Earn one hundred yuan of money! Pick up the money I sell cabbage, with selling white heart! Business is high-end grade atmosphere, profit is low-key costly ground! Powerful and unconstrained style of business! ! Someone ask namely however tired why not return? Because in addition to lamps and lanterns, what all not! Feel the same way of lighting lighting silently turned. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。
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